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Life is a great big canvas, and you should throw all the paint you can on it.”
(Danny Kaye)

I was pondering this quote while exploring a new to me sim, full of amazing spots, so I thought “I’ll take a picture!” and that’s what I did. I liked the shot so much that I decided to add some “canvas action” to it, whatever that means…LOL


Then I thought (yeah…lots of pondering and thinking lately….someone stop me, please!) that my look of the day was so cute it would have been too selfish of me not to share the cuteness (…..) , soooo here I am, showing you what I’m wearing.

Here i am!

The awesome boho dress is from vive9, I absolutely dig that vintage style, it’s what I would wear in RL too.
The lace part is so delicate and romantic, but what really makes the difference is the belt which adds that particular touch of fashionista glamour.

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My little black dress(es)

A little black dress is one of the essential elements of a woman’s wardrobe. It applies to both our lives, in my humble opinion. So, ladies, first i suggest you to make sure that your RL closet is not missing a lil black dress (amongst the usual skeletons), then go check your SL inventory and if you don’t find anything suitable, don’t panic! I’m here to help you 😀
Well, actually, Poised came to help us all with “The Little Black Dress Project”: five black mini-dresses named after famous places in the world.
So, here we have, in order of appearance: Havana, Ibizza ( i guess it’s a typo 😀), Paris, Tokyo, Berlin:

My little black dress(es)

Cute, sexy, hot. Which one are you gonna pick? 😛

I guess you also noticed the skins in the picture: it’s “Kat”, the new release from Apple May Designs which i’m wearing in different tones. Such a beautiful face, it’s one of the most interesting skins i’ve seen recently.
A close up in the following picture, where i’m wearing the goth tone:


Those glossy lips are fantastic!

Wanna know about the hair? Another great release from ChiChickie!, a fabulous messy hairstyle called “Irene” and the name says it all 😉

Last but not least, the 7 Deadly Sins nails from Studio Nails, so artistic and well done that you just want to play with the menu to get the textures and features that you prefer.



  • Hair: ChiChickie! – Irene
  • Skin: Apple May Designs – Kat
  • Dresses: Poised – The Little Black Dress Project
  • Nails: Studio Nails – 7 Deadly Sins
  • Eyes: Poetic Colors – lilac blossoms
  • Poses: *TuttiFrutti*