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The Best of Second Life

Chryselda - a gown by Shai Delacroix of Casa del Shai

There’s nothing more amazing, thrilling and exciting about Second Life than the way folks pull together to help others. Whether on the small scale like with a microproject like the Have a Heart Campaign or the massive fundraising juggernaut of the Relay For Life, Second Life residents have stepped up to help time and again. Some of that is the way it fosters international connections. When some disaster happens on the opposite side of the globe, we know people who are there and affected by it. From brushfires to earthquakes to typhoons, SL residents have each other’s backs.  I received a message from Shai Delacroix that she had set up a Red Cross donation box at her store for relief for the people displaced by the flooding from the typhoon this weekend. I popped over to make a donation and a constant stream of people were coming in to do the same.

Shai is just one of many SL residents from the Phillipines whose friends and family are affected by this typhoon. She spents hours standing by the donation box last night so she could personally thank people.  She is also donating 50% of her sales to direct relief so you can dress up in beautiful gowns like the one I am wearing and also help the relief effort. We chatted for a bit and I wandered over to look for a gown to shoot for this blog post…so the fashion is after the cut.

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Show me the way to the next whiskey bar!

I have always loved the lyrics to Moon of Alabama and when I photographed this dress from the newly opened Zullay Designs I knew a butt shot or two were in order. It’s that kind of dress, the one you wear when you feel like some flirting. Show me the way to the next whisky bar. Oh, don’t ask why, no don’t ask why.

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