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A Princess With Grace

Before the general American girl’s love affair with Princess Diana, if you old enough, you know we had Princess Grace. She was a real Princess of a magical kingdom that none of us quite understood why it was a kingdom (ok principality but when you’re a kid wtf is THAT?) but we knew she was a real princess. She was a movie star which is awesome and then she became a princess which was even MORE awesome.

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What’s Not To Love ?

My new home from Alouette comes with the huge wrap around porch of my RL dreams.   After I got pixel Gidge ready for her very packed day of shopping she decided that ordering some breakfast up was exactly in order.  She has her own mind most days. Luckily, I live on an island that has everything and it was nothing to get some coffee to go sent over and some waffles.

It makes me not really mind the storm rolling in for the day. Continue reading


It’s Sunday, gonna go watch some football, eat some pizza, have some booze. Here is a LOTD post. Cute dress is from !go! this place has some seriously cute shit. My only very small complaint is that some of the mesh could be rigged a little better but I know how incredibly difficult rigging is for even the most experienced designers. The cuteness outweighs the rigging tho. (get it..outweigh har)

(ok why do my pictures look all strange when i upload them hmm)

Hybie Is Wearing:

Dress: !go! Steffi dress – blk
Hair: (Chemistry) – Sirena
Skin: KOOQLA – Bisquit – Nude 02
Makeup: [ChicZafari] – Make Shadow Couture Penguin (cosmetics Fair)
Tights: Izzie’s Sheer Tights Lavender
Shoes: gos – grace sandals – black patent
Eyes: IKON – Promise – Maldives (FAMEshed)

Guest Stylist: Maeve Byron

Guest Stylist Maeve Byron

It’s been a while since we have featured a guest stylist here at It’s Only Fashion, but after I ran into Maeve Byron at the Mahrathon this weekend, I had to ask her to volunteer. She said she liked the blog, so of course, I wanted to feature her. Besides, she was a generous supporter of the Mahrathon – which raised 322,000 lindens for Heifer International. Yay!

According to Maeve, “I guess my style puts comfort as the main priority. Although fashion blogs like A Passion For Virtual Fashion, Juicybomb and of course It’s Only Fashion have inspired me, I don’t really jump on cutting edge style; I prefer a more classic look…maybe it’s an age thing. I like to look smart, tasteful, cute and approachable.”

I think she succeeds. Don’t you?

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So,Your Dinner Is Ready!

I had to do some last minute shopping at MY ATTIC before it closes, as well as Shoetopia, for the perfect hostess look for my Thanksgiving meal. I also cooked a turkey and made a huge meal, so I hope you come over and eat.

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I was underwhelmed with Materials the first few releases I was introduced to. I don’t mean that as an insult, but as a consumer when you hear creators raving about something for weeks and then you see and think “Oh, that’s all it is? Shiny?” it’s hard to disguise your let down.

I definitely agree that items with materials have more lustre, but other than some furniture items (leather) I just didn’t see the OOOMPH or a real reason to rave like it was the second coming. Continue reading

I’m Golden

After a long lazy weekend it felt like I needed to get serious with some SRSS BSNSS fashion and luckily there were new releases to comply.

Ploom has released one of my all time favorite hair styles that they’ve ever made.  It’s got a slightly teased 6os style poof in back but melts into a dreamy whispy look as it’s pulled to  the side.  I love the HUD options from Ploom – and her blondes are impeccable.  This is going to be a great hair style for lots of different looks.  Continue reading

Little Greenie, I Will Always Be Your Fool

There was an AREA 51 themed party this weekend at The Garden to celebrate this month’s theme, and I couldn’t decide if I wanted to be a poodle skirt diner girl or an alien. I dithered and went back and forth. The best part was, I was putting it all together from fun new and old items in my inventory – proof positive that you don’t have to go out and bankrupt yourself to participate in fun theme events. Continue reading

Excuse Me We Need To Talk About Your Hands

I am here today to talk to you about those hands. Cuz, I too, was a wearer of meat hands. And LO my friend Sasy said “GIRL, why you still wearing those MEAT HANDS!” And I said “NAY! For I like them and they are what is natural and good in my eyes!” And Cajsa said “BUT THE MEAT HANDS DON’T HAVE EXPRESSION!” and I said “But they are MINE and I love them.”

But then I put on the mesh hands and I left behind the meat hands forever.

BUT THERE IS HOPE YEA THERE IS HOPE! If you too say “I love the meat hands but I sure wish I could get some of those amazing fingernails, WHAT DO I DO?” Let me tell you all about it. Continue reading

Every Day Waiting For You

An elegant throwback to a more refined and stylish time, this month’s COLLABOR88 celebrates the era of flappers and art deco, the time when men were men and women were dames.

I already said that, didn’t I?

Well it’s still true.

Except that only cheap women were dames and I’m a lady. Obviously. Continue reading