Such Spoopy * Much Versatile * So Romance


Today I am wearing a versatile dress from Tee*fy. I love that it has options for the bodice. You
can wear the dress with the spaghetti straps alone or, as I did, add the optional harness. There are also lace cap sleeves you can add that slide right under the straps for a touch of romance. It has a fitted bodice with a mesh midriff. Christian Siriano says mesh is “done” but not if it looks as good as this. It is a great take on the Hotel Spoopy theme for October’s Collabor88.

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And Now The Rest Of The Story

Beginning and ending my day in lingerie is a recipe for a perfect day. This new slip dress from ISON for COLLABOR88 fit the bill for my end of day stretch and relax time.  I had such a good, if not tiring, birthday. It’s amazing sometimes when you look around and realize how wonderful it is to be here, and all of the things you can do in this world, isn’t it? Continue reading

Happy Cinched Birthday

Today is my RL birthday. In RL I will spend it in a meeting room for 8 hours with giant pads of paper and electronic white boards. But In SL I’ve decided to give myself the girly day I deserve, starting with a luxurious bath.

My friend Natalie sent me lovely birthday jewels, in my own birthstone – OPAL – and I ‘m going o wear them all day. I love having a cursed stone as a birthstone. It makes me feel like a super hero with powers to overcome a curse. Continue reading

I’m Bullet Proof…Fire Away…Fire Away

Hotel Spoopy is open at COLLABOR88 and I’m wearing the release from The Secret Store and EXILE to celebrate the current round. I love all the spooky themed items this month. Or are they SPOOPY THEMED?

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It’s Only Art #6

It's Only Art It is October which means my family back in Minnesota have had their first snow and the avatars in Second Life® have turned ghoulish. The foliage is changing color and the frost is on the pumpkin. I like how October brings out the creativity and wild imagination in SL® artists. As you can see in the gallery for this week, people are not waiting for Halloween.


Photosynthesis by Isa Messioptra

Photosynthesis from Isa Messioptra is one of those marvelous photos that make you wonder if it is a first or Second Life picture. The dramatic lighting, the depth of field blurring and the little bit of noise all add to its verisimilitude. Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 3.47.03 PM As you can see, there are may triangular shapes in the picture, as I have mentioned before, our eyes have a natural affinity for geometric shapes and unconsciously look for them. When we find them, our visceral need for order is happy. Her framing also follows the rule of thirds, centering her subject one third from the right. She is smart and confident enough to crop the picture closely, leaving off the face and the rest of the body. We more or less autocomplete picture and missing bits, so long as they do not imply amputation, just serve to make us interact from actively with the picture.


Visitor by Deborah Lombardo

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 4.07.12 PMDeborah Lombardo’s Visitor is such a dramatic and powerful picture it took my breath away. The black and white with that solid saturated red is dramatic in and of itself, but then look at the subject. That is spooky! The angle makes the subject even more spooky, towering over us as she is. And if you want to talk triangles, this picture is almost all triangles. She also framed the subject so skirt is two-thirds and the cloak is one-third at the bottom, employing the rule of thirds with subtlety.

What used to be Yours

What Used to Be Yours by Sajiah Viper

What Used to be Yours by Sajiah Viper is another picture that uses light beautiful, crops the picture so the subject is framed according to the rule of thirds and omits significant elements, forcing us to imagine and complete the picture. I want to highlight this one, though, because of who beautifully the clothing and the lighting and pose work together and how closely everything is fitted and carefully done. It really is an exquisite romantic picture.

I has cheese tho ^.^

I has cheese tho by Lemon Panda

And now for something completely different. I fell in love with I has cheese tho by Lemon Panda. The pose of the cat is so perfect. Their eye contact is perfectly aligned so we can feel the tension and experience the story. IT’s fun, cute and cheeky and  I love everything about it.

03.10.14 - The Dreaming Dark

The Dreaming Dark by Rainbow Mubble

The Dreaming Dark by Rainbow Mubble is freaky ghoulish and so perfect for October. Those feet are really something. The reflection in the water is effective in making it look like she really is sitting on the water – using what ever anti-sinking device she may. Her one hand going into the water keeps it from being the miraculous sort of “walking on water” we often see. The overlay adds a bit of moodiness. She uses the rule of thirds in placing her subject on the right. I also like who the wings and the horns balance each other.

So this week there was a delightful dick pick, something I never thought I would ever say. It’s NSFW and Restricted so I could not add it to the Gallery, but if you want to see guys not taking their penis too seriously and have a little giggle, please click here.

Oopsie !

I love sweet little pets and this one is a gacha item that is adorable. It’s from a store that features pet gachas - two addictions in one folks.

They’re $L100 a pull and hey, they’re ALL cute so I think it’s a win regardless. Continue reading

Designer Download: Siddean Munro


Designer Download is a new continuing feature at It’s Only Fashion that will focus on interviews of Second Life’s® greatest asset, the content creators who have made our world and everything in it. For our first interview in this series, we turned to Siddean Munro of Slink whose decision to  license Developer’s Kits for free to other content creators has revitalized the SL® economy and created an entire new industry in SL complete with its own event. From the interview, we learned that Munro has been thinking like a creator since her first day in Second Life.

Bikini Main

It’s Only Fashion: What was your first day in Second Life like? What made you stick it out through the learning curve?

Siddean Munro: My first day I spent wandering around the world looking for the exact right hairstyle for Siddean, this was right at the beginning of the flexi craze and I must have wandered for hours and hours before I landed at Girl6 and some very kind person gave me 250L for my very first hairstyle. It was a great style, but not exactly what I wanted, so I thought maybe I should make it myself….I remember being very ill with motion sickness those first few days until I got my SL sea legs.  The learning curve back in 2007 was nothing compared to what it is now. It’s grown on me gradually, but I don’t at all envy new creators coming in these days.
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Winter Rolled In

It’s cold suddenly this morning. I’m not sure where it came from, other than NORTH but I’m going to have to reconsider my current wardrobe and possibly go shopping.

Oh dear. The struggle, it IS real.

Happy Sunday Pretties !
Gidge Is Wearing:
Lipstick: [PXL] MIA NAT 50Shades ~ Lipstick 01 {tattoo layer}
Lashes: Amacci – Eyelash Tattoo 4
Beauty Mark: [PXL] Beauty Mark POS10 Dark SX
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Lea Mesh Hair – (BOOBS) – Rye
Feet: Slink Female Feet (AvEnhance) XS – High
Hands: Slink Mesh Hands (av) Casual XS Right
Slink Mesh Hands (av) Elegant XS Left
Body: Slink Physique Mesh Body V1.3
Shape: Gidge ~Savoir Faire Shapes~
Skin: [PXL] MIA NAT 50Shades ~ Makeup 02 MEB C2 UBER
Eyes: IKON Eternal Eyes – Iris (S)
Bed: Ispachi – THE ARCADE

You Got Me Singing


One of the rules I live by comes from Voltaire, who said “The perfect is the enemy of the good.” A similar idea is attributed to Confucius, “Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without.” I really took this aphorism to heart when a friend of mine was writing a book on dismantling racism. I was reading, editing and helping him find illustrations. The book was ready to go for a few years before it was published because he kept trying to perfect it, looking for a better example, a more perfect metaphor, a stronger anecdote, a better adjective. I ended up making him a sign on a huge poster board with Voltaire’s quote blown up big and stuck in on the wall by his desk. It still took him another six months to let it out of his perfection-seeking hands.


I was listening to Leonard Cohen’s newest album, Popular Problems. His 80 year old voice is rough, dry and imperfect, but those imperfections give it such an emotional resonance that my skin prickled and raised goosebumps and my eyes became hot with emotion ready to brim over in tears. While listening, that quote from Voltaire came to mind again and I had a small epiphany. The perfect is the enemy of the good in another way – not only does the search for perfection paralyze us, but it also does not move us emotionally. Thinking of another Canadian singer, Celine Dion has perfect pitch. Her voice is flawless and strong and she has never once moved me emotionally. Even singing songs with sentimental lyrics, she leaves me cold and I don’t care for her at all. Perfection is not beautiful, imperfection is.

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