Cajsa Fast Five: June 30th

Fast Five This will be quick. I am a bit (a lot) under the weather today. I even passed the stream over to the next DJ just 45 minutes into my set because I just didn’t feel well enough to finish it. But, I  already picked some great posts for you and wanted to be sure you saw them. Sorry if the descriptions are terse.

  1. More than friends: I love the casual easiness of these photos from Kaelyn Alecto. 
  2. The Blackened Mirror: I missed this Treet.TV series when it happened, but thanks to 1AngelCares Writer plurking about it I watched it yesterday. Fun, worth watching. Not your usual SL movie.
  3. Delayed: Elle Couerblanc’s heartbreaking entry for the Single Frame Stories challenge.
  4. Drax Files Episode 8: MadPea Games: An inteview with the creator behind Madpea Games, the immersive storytelling experiences that enrich SL.
  5. Connecting 354 Lives – Don Mill: One of the more innovative entries in this series. Don speaks to Donald. And Happy Anniversary!
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Santino Rice's little ditty "It's only fashion" seems a perfect title for my little fashion blog as you and i know that fashion means the world to him. Co-founder of It's Only Fashion and Blogging Second Life.

3 thoughts on “Cajsa Fast Five: June 30th

  1. Just saw the mention to the connecting 365 lives, thanks Cajsa, I am glad that you liked the approach :)

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