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Community Spirit Challenge:SweetDeb Kips

posted by Gidge Uriza

There is a blogger, and if you read the feeds I know you know her. Her name is SweetDeb Kips.

And I’m going to celebrate her right now.

When I was a new blogger, I wasn’t very good and I look back on some of the first outfits I ever put together and my head nearly explodes.  And then when Cajsa put a pixel gun to my head and made me learn how to take my own pictures, I wasn’t very good.

 It’s hard to break into the Fashion Mafia. I’m not sure how you get in, but I think I had to eat dog biscuits. I can’t tell you if I did. Because then I’d have to kill you.

Thus, I celebrate SweetDeb. Deb likes to post. She’s a total enthusiast with the joie de vive of ten bloggers. Yeah, she posts a lot. But I admire her passion and her total commitment to her love of fashion on The Grid. I hope that her joy and enthusiasm never wanes, and that she continues to bring us what she loves.

It’s rare that someone shares their joy with such abandon and childlike glee. Her contributions might be many, but they are delivered with joy. And how can joy ever truly be a bad thing?