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Gidge’s Fast Five – Number 1

GidgeFast Five


Cajsa is always thinking of new things to do to celebrate the things we like, and while I’d like to take credit for this idea, I can’t. I’d like to welcome you to the firs edition of FAST FIVE – the five blog posts that I found inspiring, pretty, made me shop or otherwise caught my eye today – and which I think you are remiss if you don’t see them too. We’ll do this column as the spirit moves us. Could be daily could be weekly could be ten times a day (un-likely).

With that, let’s begin.

1.OWLS – There is something lovely and whimsical about people who like owls. Owls are sort of ruthless predators who like to gut things then eat them. Yet, there is a softer side to the beast, and the people who love owls must see it better than I.  Also places with random balloons can never be bad.  Continue reading