Gidge’s Fast Five – Number 1

GidgeFast Five


Cajsa is always thinking of new things to do to celebrate the things we like, and while I’d like to take credit for this idea, I can’t. I’d like to welcome you to the firs edition of FAST FIVE – the five blog posts that I found inspiring, pretty, made me shop or otherwise caught my eye today – and which I think you are remiss if you don’t see them too. We’ll do this column as the spirit moves us. Could be daily could be weekly could be ten times a day (un-likely).

With that, let’s begin.

1.OWLS – There is something lovely and whimsical about people who like owls. Owls are sort of ruthless predators who like to gut things then eat them. Yet, there is a softer side to the beast, and the people who love owls must see it better than I.  Also places with random balloons can never be bad. 

2. The Wrath of Evion – Evion Ember brings the wrath side of the PXL Creations Seven Deadly Sins skins in a shoot that seems to say “OH REALLY?” to me.  She is also wearing a gorgeous cheongsam that you probably need. It’s from Lou Lou. Go get it.

3. Goodbye – The styling in this post makes me want to go buy a bunch of vintage clothes. And also wear them. I might also want to listen to Air Supply and cry about boys. But that’s just me, I’m weird.

4. Village Travel – I love everything about this look, it reminds me of the kind of grace and effortless style that style guides always aspire to inspire – yet usually you look over dressed or like you’ve simply added something on every attachment point.  Lilo Denimore instead looks like a girl who twisted up her hair with a scarf, slipped on her bangles and set out into the world.  Totally want the boots.

5. Dusting Down In The City – This was an automatic pic – because quite frankly, it answered my question of “Well I like the coat from Deco but what am I going to do with it?”  Obviously, I’m going to slip into the Matrix and kill bad guys. I’m totally down.




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One thought on “Gidge’s Fast Five – Number 1

  1. Sheila Yoshikawa

    Ooo thank you, I had been feeling sort of guilty that I’d spent Friday night doing SL blog posts when I should have been doing dull work stuff, but you mentioning my post means I now feel TOTALLY justified ;-))

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