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The Weekend Steals Softly Into My Life

The weekend is here and I’m confused how it even arrived so quickly. The week flew by with things to do, places to shop and people to see.

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Resistance Is Fertile

The history of liberty is a history of resistance.

This sign, a riff on the Borg’s mantra,made me laugh. I always just point out the Borg dies in the end. But I laugh because where I grew up, we competed against Fertile in sports and other competitions. More amusingly, Fertile happens to be just about 25 miles from Climax, another town we competed against. When you’re in high school, such things are hilarious and even to this day, pranksters add distance to Fertile signs to the “You are Entering Climax” sign and vice versa. By the way, whoever ordered “You are entering Climax” is my hero. That sign is gone now, replaced by the much less amusing “Climax Pop. 300” sign. Not that we weren’t without our own embarrassing names. A few miles out of town, there used to be a glorious road sign, “Bullshit Valley, Next Left” That was the name of the valley. That was the sign. When I was home this summer, I saw it has been “cleaned up” and now reads, BS Valley. I was disappointed. I did not live in Bullshit Valley, alas, and my dad only took that left hand turn every few years just because it was a pretty route, though it was gravel not tar. The road to Bullshit Valley is paved now. I am sure there’s a metaphor there somewhere.
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All The Candy

I hope your Valentine’s is full of love, either romantic or platonic or familial or whatever it is that floats your boat. I LOVE Valentine’s and sending my friends presents and just celebrating the fun of the day.

I shot this over at a little Valentine Island thing that the Lindens have set up and there’s a spot you can send free gifts for Valentines to yourself or your friends. I chose to send them to my friends so I hope they got them! Who even knows….but I can hope right? The SLURL is at the bottom!

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It’s Only Fashion Is Back

Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.

Our web site was down. Somehow there was a virus in the database. Is that not the strangest thing? I don’t know if that would affect readers or not, but thankfully it’s been fixed.

I shot these pictures last week. I was still shocked by the Orwellian phrase “alternate facts” that in a healthy society would completely discredit the people who promote them. But, since people no longer distinguish between fact and opinion, alternate facts seem to be growing. Aldous Huxley, though, had the right idea. “Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.”

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Fire Down Below

I told my good friend Sasy that I was bored and needed to zip up what I was doing and sharing here in blogland. She’s working on being more informative, sharing things and she wants to help improve your SL.

I have no such noble aspirations. I once wore a prim vagina on the outside of my pants for a week because I didn’t know how to cam. You’re on your own girls, I’m just too silly to be a great sharer of knowledge. Plus the stuff I learn in trial by fire is always the stuff I become GOOD at. You can ask Sasy that too, as I’m always asking her stuff such as “Why don’t my hands work right?” and she’ll reply without even looking at which version I’m wearing “Probably because you didn’t pick up the update from six months ago…..”

It’s good to have friends who love you despite the fact that you’re a flibbertygibbet. Continue reading

House Crisis Arises

I popped over to visit with Sasy and Mavi this morning and to behold the amazing new Lelutka build and I told them I was having a crisis. A HOUSE CRISIS. Why is it that just about every time I get my house sorted someone makes a new one and then I want that one?


Yet, I want this new house to be my house. It’s a trial I tell you, having too many options. Continue reading

Avatars Against Trump

Just in Case the President Forgets What America Stands For

Due to an undemocratic constitutional defect, the person the American people did not want has assumed the presidency. While he remains in office, we must resist to limit the damage. For some fun virtual resistance, I formed a Flickr® group called Avatars Against Trump. Please consider joining and adding your contributions. It’s a brand new group, but it’s already getting some great contributions.

It is not limited to Second Life®, so people who play other online games with content generated by their users will be able to contribute their screenshots and photos. There is another virtual resistance group on Flickr, the Body Language Challenge inspired by Aria Watson’s first life series of photos.

By the way, I am so proud of Linden Lab™ standing up with integrity and humanity against the immigration ban.

There’s so many things to resist as the regime is wreaking havoc everywhere you look, but folks need to pick their battles and pick their strategies. It is okay if resistance is chaotic and unstructured. It is okay for resistance to be fun. Resistance should be fun! It is about serious threats and is serious business, but when resistance is powered by joy, it lasts longer and is more powerful. Joy is resistance.

There are many groups organizing resistance and you should choose the ones who appeal to you. There are many issues which need resistance, you should choose the ones close to your heart. When resistance is dispersed and decentralized, it is harder to attack and dismantle. Let resistance be surprising, unexpected, spontaneous.

If you want guidance for small daily acts of resistance, there are a few web sites.

The best thing is to find local organizing groups to support. You can do this at Indivisible Guide. This connects you with a new group of like-minded people who can lift you up when you are feeling despair. It will also be more fun to resist in a group. People learn a lot of skills volunteers with community groups and if you’re protesting, you will be out in the fresh air–which we need to enjoy while we have it.

Meanwhile, show some virtual resistance at Avatars Against Trump. If you do a blog post, please add it in comments. (They are working again.)