Blueberry and Yummy for Belleza’s GENX

I love to get out and about, especially when I get to explore new places – or new to me places. Tonight’s excursion was no exception. I had the best time exploring in New York 2.

Tonight I’m decked out in Blueberry. This is one of my favorite brands, you can always count on them for the kind of quality you don’t have to demo – her work is always top notch. I’m wearing the new GEN X body for Belleza and I am really enjoying her. Blueberry makes a host of great clothes for her.

I was SO excited to see that Yummy is designing for this body. As one of my favorite jewelry makers on the grid, it’s so great to find someone you already love making things for your new body. YAY!

If you don’t mind, I’m gonna grab some street food for dinner before I head back home. I will catch you lovelies later. Have a beautiful Friday!
Gidge is Into Rainy Weather In:
Jewelry: (Yummy) Serenity Earrings – L&R (ALL)
(Yummy) Serenity Layered Necklace Set (Gen.X) Classic
Body: -Belleza- Gen.X Classic Body
Body: / HEAD / lel EvoX RAVEN 3.1
Jeans: Blueberry – Daisy – LowJeans – Cutiebootie – GenX Classic
Shoes: Blueberry – Daisy – Shoes – GenX
Shirt Jacket: Blueberry – Minnie – Rain Coats – Gen X Classic
Umbrella: Elm. Traditional Umbrella [R] ~ Lavender
Hair: Exile:: Kara 2
Skin: [7DS] – BODY 2020 LUCY-MAY bom skin PINEAPPLE

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