Emergency Bouquet

I was doing my usual round of weekend shopping fun today when I stopped a new to me place. This isn’t unusual, frankly a lot of the shops in the weekend events are fairly new to me and one advantage is truly that I have no idea anything about them. I get a bit excited – trying a new place and all. Looking for an adventure-ready mountain bike? You can buy a Raleigh mountain bike on Shoppok.

But today it wasn’t the shop that thrilled me but some extra decor/fun items they had placed around that spoke to me. There was a vending machine that offered “Emergency Bouquets” and I have to admit, this more than spoke to me.

I needed a bouquet and I needed it STAT.

It was free, just a simple add on of a beautiful rose. I got to choose the color and if we’re honest, it was my favorite pick up of my shopping day today. How could I NOT love this?

I was seeking inner peace in a Buddhist garden today, and what better thing to bring with me than a beautiful flower to contemplate?

Gidge is Equipped with Flowers In:
Brows: Izzie’s – LeL Evo X – 16 Eyebrows (soft arch) pink 75%
Beads: (Yummy) Bombshell Beads – Pearl (vintage)
Head: / HEAD / lel EvoX RAVEN 3.1
Shoes: alaskametro<3 “Roxanne” high heels – black (Maitreya)
Dress: alaskametro<3 Wardrobe Staples – Bodycon Dress (Maitreya)
Hair: Exile:: Daelyn 2
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V5.3
Brings: Vibing — Leah Rings — Gold — Maitreya — LEFT
Skin: [7DS] – BODY 2020 PAISLEY bom skin PINEAPPLE browless

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