I Didn’t Forget The Baby !

You might be thinking that I forget to get my sweet monkey faced baby out and take her trick or treating but you’d be wrong. Now, if you questioned WHERE I took her trick or treating, you’d be more on target, this is for sure. I just did the usual search for Halloween stuff and well, I don’t now. This place seems SUPER intense to me.

Right when we got there I ran into this dude who was going on and on about demons, and stuff. He didn’t offer me any candy, which I thought was fairly rude. I mean, it was tricks or treats night! GIMME SOME CANDY. But no he just raved on and on about demons and foul work being afoot. His pet panthers were very growly, which I also didn’t much care for, truth be told.

A walk down the beach proved that he might have been right about that whole demons afoot thing after all.

We have candy at home anyway.

Hope your Halloween night was amazing, and you’re ready for tons of posts about pumpkin pie and turkey goodness!

Gidge is Wearing:
Skin: Belleza – Marnie
Body:-Belleza- Freya
Top: Baiastice_Mirelle-Top-All Colors-Freya
Pants: Baiastice_Mirelle-Trousers-All Colors-Freya
Eyes: Banana Banshee – Mesh eye
Head: CATWA HEAD Bibi V4.10
Bow: Exile: Black glitter bow
Hair: Exile:: Cruel Summer VIP Gift
Shape: Juicy – Meghan Shape GIDGE Edit

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