Hi all! I’m new here, and I am nervous! I have looked up to the authors of this blog for a long time so when they asked me to guest blog for them I was pretty surprised and delighted! They asked me weeks back and I hadn’t done a post yet. I wanted to do a look that was totally “me” and I kept trying to think of one but nothing was good enough in my mind.  But then yesterday I thought to myself “You know what, Sileny? Just wear what you’re wearing right now.  You like it, it’s very October, and Rose says it’s not TOO revealing for the blog (lol.) Besides, it’s only fashion!”

So, here we are. Just like the October Scorpios of the world, it’s a bit saucy and a bit spooky. I love Scorpio season and it is approaching fast. I can’t wait. OK, maybe I don’t actually believe that Zodiac stuff, but pumpkin pie, Halloween, and perfect cuddle weather is great no matter what your sign is. And there’s always an excuse to be secretly sexy on your avatar.

This dress from Le Fil Casse is perfectly spooky-sexy and called out to me immediately when I saw it advertised for Fifty Linden Friday. I had to have it!  My makeup is from La Malvada Mujer, one of my all time favorite makeup stores in SL. It just reminded me of my punk teen years when people would put on too much red lipstick and black eye makeup and we would look wild and sloppy…and freaking awesome. Does it make me seem super old to say that I miss the times when you didn’t have to be a super pro to make your makeup look good? Yeah, I am old.

Anyway, thanks for reading my rambling and I hope to be able to participate in the blog again! Have some credits and have a great day! You deserve it. 🙂


Dress: {le fil casse} 

Boots: Sn@tch

Hair: Sintiklia @ Hair Fair, free (last day)

Makeup: La Malvada Mujer, eyemakeup is free and lipstick is 10L

Skybox: Anxiety, group gift in store (75L join fee)

Head: Genus

Body: Maitreya

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