No One Even Cares

I get that way sometimes when someone is blathering on in a crazy way.

If ten people do the same thing you do without drama, and you are constantly being “dragged into drama” perhaps just perhaps …’s you.

Some things this veteran old blogger can tell you which can, in fact, help you decrease your level of drama are as follows.

  1.  No one is copying your style. No one. If someone IS copying your style please refer to the first sentence. There is a limited number of heads, bodies, and clothes in this world. If someone happens to recreate what you did – or hell just likes the way you did it and dresses up like that too – IT DOES NOT MATTER. Your style is way more than the thinks you choose to wear.  If it’s not – you fail.
  2. If you aren’t getting paid you don’t have sponsors quit rambling on about it.
  3. You are not obligated to 23589723948 blog posts a day. If you DO that many blog posts a day don’t bitch about it. No one requires you to do that.
  4. Creators are right to have expectations, as well do events. That doesn’t mean they own you. Flailing about regarding your “obligations” is just weird bragging. Don’t bitch and moan. Do what you’re supposed to do and move along. OR DON’T SIGN UP FOR MORE THAN YOU CAN SUPPORT.

  1. If a creator reacts in any fashion other than “Thank you” when you blog something without being negative regarding the content/product – fuck that creator and don’t even blog them again. Even noob bloggers deserve a modicum of respect. Now – that doesn’t mean they won’t give you constructive feedback. Constructive feedback is meant to improve your work. We all need it and should seek it. But seriously – someone gives you lip? Put them on the do not blog list and move on.

  2. Don’t contribute to the chaos. You don’t always know the players and the story and despite what “your very good friend told you”. These mofos lie. Keep your own counsel, make Yoda proud.

  3. This place we dwell together could be turned off and gone forever TOMORROW. Make your time here positive. Make people remember you with love, and fondness.  Make people look forward to you,and miss you when you’re gone.

That’s my advice. Take it or leave it.

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