Celestial Bodies

I often wonder who it is I should thank for my vagina these days.

Back before we had mesh bodies, it was always a moment of awkward pause when I would realize my friend Hart, who is a good friend AND a skinner, had actually seen me naked because he’d LITERALLY CREATED ALL MY NAUGHTY BITS. 

I mean, we weren’t ever an item or anything like that. He’s my good friend. But, you know, my nipples, my love oven and all it’s detail, whether or not I had a butthole (do skins even have buttholes now? I should look…..) – he made them all.

These days though who do I thank for my whatnot? I mean your bits and stuff are all crafted into shape by those who created the body you wear, so today I’d thank Siddean for the lovely shape of my whosit. But then I guess I also need to offer up a “Hey thanks for making velcro love triangle such a delight to behold” to Mochi over at Pink Fuel. It’s a conundrum who to thank for my pole magnet yet, I feel like I don’t appreciate the work that goes into it.

Thus, I offer thanks to both the body makers and the skinners.

You didn’t actually think I was going to get it out did you? So silly. I’m a nice girl.

Gidge is Wearing:
Skin: Pink Fuel
Eyes:Banana Banshee
Head:.LeLutka.Head.Chloe 3.0
Wings: Blueberry – Icon – Angel Wings – BENTO
Lingerie: Blueberry – Icon – Bra – Physique
Blueberry – Icon – Garter – Physique
Blueberry – Icon – Panties – Physique
Hair: Exile:: Relentless (S)
Body: Slink
Shape: Juicy – Meghan Shape GIDGE Edi


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