The Allure of Backdrop City

I had to go an see it with my own eyes, the place that was so driven by drama of late. I have thoughts, some of which I’ve shared on plurk. They are as follows.

This place is truly a bloggers paradise. It’s an insane resource for those of us who do this as vocation in SL. I think it’s a rather lovely thing to provide to people. It’s not unlike some of us who go to sims decorated just for photography.

I don’t throw my backdrops away. As a blogger, I keep them ad infinitum because I never know when I might need that dragon turtle station wagon surfboard set again. So I keep them. I mention this because apparently there is a belief that we throw them away. I guess some do. I do not.

What this place HAS done for me is introduce me to MORE brands that I need to patronize and give lindens to because THEY make really great stuff.

Today I learned about Bruja and I’ve got a note to look them up. I don’t know this brand, but I found this really fun set at the Instagramish area of Backdrop city. Finding new and different vignettes to blog in is always a win. Of COURSE there are always going to be people who simply use this resource and don’t go patronize the shops. But that’s ok – that is what this is here for.

If you consider that there are people who strap scenery prims on their backs and go stand on pose stands in pose stores – this is TRULY not something out of line for bloggers to do.

What this place actually is – is a celebration of the creators of backdrops. Hell they OUGHT to have an event. I don’t go to pose fair because I can make my own fucking poses. And reasons. However, props and the like are truly something I love – and so do a lot of other bloggers.

It’s all about how you look at something. It’s all about the long game. Sure – a few people will come and shoot for free. There are also bloggers who refer to people that send them review copies as their “sponsors” (stop it). There are also bloggers that constantly beg for stuff. This place isn’t about those kind of practices.

This is something nice someone set up with things that they paid for. Things they are free to do with as they wish. They’re supporting the community of bloggers.

So I say thank you, Backdrop City. As a blogger, I will explore you, shoot some, and then go patronize the makers of these backdrops. I’m going to say it with my lindens.

PS – I notice “new releases” are group only. I may join just to see what that’s all about. I shall report back if I do.

As a side note, I’m often given backdrops as review copies for events I cover. It would NOT be cool for me to throw those down during the event so people can use them instead of buy them at the event. Bloggers who receive FREE copies – that’s not cool. Those are for us to use to advertise THE EVENT and that creator. I wouldn’t do that – nor would I support any of YOU doing that.

But stuff we buy? Do as you like folks.
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