Powder Pack for Lelutka – Let’s Take a Look

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I pray to go these don’t autoplay music. This program I used made me choose music. Sorry, that’s annoying probably.

So I started out wearing LEAGUE – Milla in Pale this morning, first without lashes then I added some before I started trying on the makeup offerings from ZIBSKA. It’s not all to my taste, a bit of a spray paint look on one eye makeup – great for roleplay or if you’re Priss for Halloween. (note to self, I have these and can be PRISS for Halloween). But in sorting through them I found two that for my own tastes are GOLD. The RHEIA lips are gorgeous pastel mattes – PERFECT. The Tasi liners are also quite pretty – love them. The blush choices are creative, and are probably someoone’s cup of tea, just not mine.

Next up is YS & YS which is always a skin I like, well made, pretty colors. I will say however my only quibble is damn this HUD is small. I have ZERO idea what it says. WTF DOES IT SAY? I’m absolutely clueless. Faceless with eyelash type a? What? Types of Eyelashes? Choose your lipstick or you can go alone and metal for Lelutka HUD something something.

No idea, really. That is just entirely too small. I can’t be alone on this.

Next up are some eyeshadows and liner combos.

These are from S.E. Backstage Model Eyeshadow. They’re alright. I like them. Well made, nice for what they are.
Next up is Slackgirl with an assortment of eyemakeups that are mostly on point. My only quibble is that I’m not keen on smoke eyeshadows to start with. I don’t find particular fault with these – I just don’t love smokey eye. It’s sort of 2002.

Up next PINK FUEL. File under – HELL YEAH

Next up I’m wearing the makeups from MODISH and I’m split on this one.

Hate the brows. Sorry. I don’t like the drawn on browns look. These look like they were drawn on with a wide tipped marker. I REALIZE SOME PEOPLE LIKE THIS. So if you do – BEHOLD. The lips however, I really do like. Fun colors and I like glossy thick lipstick looks. Nice job.


Now – Izzie’s. Again. Hell Yeah.

The last one I’m going to do today is Glam Affair. There are a few more in the box but time constraints require me to call the ball. So let’s take a look.

Glam Affair brings you some truly sharp matte pastels for spring and summer, so file those under WIN. I do like their eyeshadows a lot even though all of the colors aren’t totally my cup of tea – the tones are fun, fresh and pretty. As always – Glam Affair eyebrows I really love.

There are a few more brands in the box, I’m sure someone else blogged them. I will end up checking them out as soon as I can – I might share even.

My summary of this purchase is – TOTALLY WORTH IT.

As a blogger, you can’t really ever have enough variety in your make up so blogger girls are well advised to pick up these packs when they come up.  As a mortal who doesn’t blog (that’s a joke calm down) honestly yeah this a a big old fat great deal. It’s like extreme couponing – SKIN edition. You’re getting an amazing amount of things, MANY of which you’re likely to want/lilke for a great price.

I’m totally getting this next time around.

And if I didn’t like something you made – chill. Everyone won’t like everything you make. But good for you for getting out there in the world and being creative.


My eyes today are from Banana Banshee.

Now, Have a great Saturday Girls.

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  1. serenestyle

    eep.. I was very tempted to buy this pack before the release but it was advertised as “make up” and as I thought that meant no skins I passed on it.. I am not a huge SL makeup wearer most the time.. and now look at those skins ! hmmph

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