Gidgeus Maximus

It’s been a dull roar for some time that I should try out a CATWA head. I confess, I haven’t really much looked into it. I went over once and looked at them and their vendor ads made me feel like I was on a strange planet and so at that point I figured it wasn’t for me.

Anything I have to think too much about is truly too much work in my SL. I’m a lazy girl. This isn’t new. If it IS new, you must have just joined our program already in session. However, having seen some amazing photos over the past few months and the conversion of people I like and respect has given way to a feeling of “Hmmm, perhaps I should check them out again.”

A perfect storm occurred during my AM log in today. First of all, over at Juicybomb Gogo had purchased a head JUST to blog a skin she loved.  Next while sipping coffee and chatting with some of my girls Kitty and Luna I was encouraged to go and GET ALL THE HEADS AND TRY THEM ALL.

So dammit, I did exactly that.

The first part of my quest was simply to find a Gidgey enough face. Gidgey is a round faced girl mostly. I’ve sought the mesh head that would get here there and I’ve landed in Aria most of the time from Lelutka as my first love. Sometimes I like to play with others but mostly Aria = Gidgey. I knew that for any other mesh head to measure up, it would have to have all the goodness of Aria plus an extra measure of Gidgeyness.

I landed on Bibbi after trying on every single demo they had. It was painless, trying on face after face and realizing quickly that this one was going to be the Gidge life in Catwa world.  I just deleted those extras and now I’m settled in a second head, I’ll be switching between Aria and this one I think. MUTUAL Gidgey love.

I’m pretty happy. I’m wearing the Doll skin from Pink Fuel with it, which is always one of my favorites. My corset is from Fission – Lavea is so talented. I love her work.

Thank you to my friend Sophia for giving me this head as a birthday gift! <3

Yep, I’m THIS happy.
Gidge is Wearing:
Eyes: Banana Banshee – Autumn – Purples applier HUD Bracelet: Cae :: Trick or Treat :: Bracelet (L) Gacha Guardians Event
Head: CATWA HEAD Bibi V4.10
Clothing: Fission: Mae corset-Purple (Maitreya)
Fission: Mae knickers (Maitreya)
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Tyne [Parted]
Poses: Pretense

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