What Did I Forget ?

I’m the queen of bad intersections, hair stuck through arms, floating necklaces and various other faux pas. I’m a veteran enough blogger to snicker when someone else does it yet find the ego to go oh eff it I don’t care when I do.

This is pretty much true 100% of the time. I will decide that it’s a  more accurate representation of your SL experience as intersections and weird stuff DOES happy when you aren’t stuck in a pose for a shoot. So, that’s a Gidge truth.

However, I had this great night last night reconnecting with an old friend and then Amatorum was having a party so I slapped on something new QUICKLY and ran over there, with a nagging feeling the entire time that I was MISSING something. What am I missing?

As I cammed up and down I was at a loss for what I’d forgotten to wear or fix. Eventually I figured out that meh, it was just a party and if I couldn’t SEE what was off how bad could it be? I danced the night away to 90s hip hop and had a really great time.

It was this morning when I went to shoot just a few more shots, with a hot cup of joe in my hand, that I realized what I’d forgotten.


Genesis Lab heads don’t have ears. You have to add ears and apply your skin tone. Having ears also makes it easier to wear earrings donchaknow?

Fine. There. Ears. AND Earrings. With a slight intersection to bring this whole post together.

Gidge is Wearing:
Head: Genesis Lab – Dafne
Ring: (Yummy) Birthstone Ring – October – Opal (Blogger Copy)
(Yummy) True Fate Ring – Gold – Opal
Body: -Belleza- Venus V3
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Ocean Mesh Hair
Skirt:Addams // Jimena Pleated MiniSkirt // Belleza(Venus) COLLABOR88
Bodysuit: Addams // Lupe Disco Body // Belleza(Venus) COLLABOR88
Earrings: MURRAY- Sophie Earrings / Quartz L
MURRAY- Sophie Earrings / Quartz R COLLABOR88
Poses: Ma Vie – Party Girl & Purple Poses – Jessy – from COLLABOR88

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