Lelutka Brings You….EXPRESSIONS….

My favorite anchor woman when I was growing up had this AMAZING HUGE mole in her eyebrow which she perpetually waxed around, giving her what we dubbed in high school “The Renegade Eyebrow”. With the new expressions HUD you available for the new release of the Lelutka Mesh Heads you can customize your face, not only with expressions  but little details like “what do I want my eyebrows to look like? That’s a feature we’ve had since tattoo layers came about with default heads so YAY for that.

And this version of the renegade eyebrow is far lovelier as there is no giant mole there.

New versions of the Lelutka heads with expressions and even more awesome are coming out on Wednesday…so get ready to check them out girls!

Now, I’m off!


gidge is wearing:
Head: .LeLutka.Mesh Head-ARIA v1.2
Hair: .LeLutka.Selena hair.FIT.A
Eyes: [PXL] RAY Eyes – Grey (S)

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