Bring Green to Life

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In a world set far apart from ours, a land is plagued by something that is sucking all the joy, colour and life out of the various realms.

They people prayed to their gods,  but it seemed after years of of no answer, the people of the land have had enough.

A forest witch was tasked with summoning from the earth, the last remaining seed of life, into a solid form, humanoid form.

Wherever the Flora Elemental walked, the world started to heal. No one knew the consequences of this unique situation, and barely anyone could understand the creature enough to find out solid answers. Her words twisted around much like the vines sprouting from her head. She was a site to look at though, and the people flocked at a safe distance, as she walked from place to place.

Once the world was healed, she simply walked back into the forest, whence she came. People now set Hydrangeas at the edge, as offerings, every summer.
Helena Stringer - IOF - Bring Green to Life - 2
Jian has a lovely new item out for 25L Tuesday. This is a weekly thing I have always treated myself to, since 2010. I rarely have the time to actually cover the items

Now, I am a fashion blogger mostly, and I tend to do my shoots on location, which often means I don’t have rez rights. So what is the lovely item from Jian you might ask? It is these wonderful Hydrangea Bushes that I fashioned into a gown.

The bushes have a hud, which you can use to colour change them to your liking. They are also mod, so you can tint them a bit, if you need a different look. I have done so with my gown, so that is was a bit more vibrant.

Jian __ Hydrangea Bush (1024)
25L Tuesday happens every . . .  you guessed it, tuesday! All vendors offer up a item, or more, for L$25 each. They are on sale for a whole 24 hours, so you got to get them quick.

I am also wearing a mask from Chimeric Fashions, which is their offering for 25L Tuesday this week. There are 3 colourations, Purple, Green and Cream. There is also another series of mask on sale, so it is worth a visit if you like masks.

I sadly fell asleep late last night, before I could make this go live last night, but often times you can still get some items the next day, so it is worth a try to check each store anyway. You can click the Subscriber board at GorGurls, and then retrieve the list from the notices.

I checked both locations(Jian and Chimeric Fashions) and both locations still have their items at the time of this post.

Credits – You can find Store Links HERE or by Ingame Search

Hair – The Stringer Mausoleum – Massive Overgrowth in Growth
Skin – Devae – Anima Skin in Helena Tone/Bare Makeup
Eyes – #adored Bodyshop – Moon Eyes in Medium Green/A
Gown(Purple) – Volstead – Empire Dress in Lilac – Free Wearable Demo
Gown Bottom(Bushes) – Jian – Hydrangea Bushes w/Colourchange Hud
Mask – Chimeric Fashions – Leafy Lady Mask in Green
hNecklace – Flirt – Gradient Drop Necklace in Emerald

Pose by Label Motion

Location – Passionfruit Island

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