A League Of My Own – Because Willis Took My Title

Every month after I pay tier I pick out something I want to get, usually something not small and treat myself. This month my goal was more appliers for my Lelutka face. I wear ARIA most of the time now (I feel like I should take the others for a stroll more often) and I’ve got a small closet of skins for it but my desire is that I can wear ANY of my favorite’s ANY TIME. I don’t want to take my head off to wear you. 

It was stuck in my head that League and Pink Fuel had made appliers.  These are two of my favorites but Pink Fuel only made them in a tone I don’t own. LEAGUE however didn’t just make one set, YIKES Nena has made TWO different faces!

Mill and Luna sport a ton of make up options for eyes and lips, freckles or no freckles and brows from Black to NO brow as you like. Above I’m wearing Luna with no freckles in Pale and blonde brows, mixing up the different make up options.

Above me here is Luna in the no brow option. You can see, the make up options are really vast – from glamour to every day face.

Milla is in these sets and you can see a brow change and just a bit of a different face.  I really like both faces, they are both Gidge on different days I think.

I hadn’t planned to take a look at the freckles as I wasn’t feeling freckles today but then I thought, “Girl, look at all these dang pictures you’ve done, take four more.” SO hey I did.

She’s cute with freckles too. Like I didn’t know that would happen.

Well this has been your Tuesday Morning PSA about how amazing the new LEAGUE appliers for your Lelutka head are. You’re gonna need these.

PS Willis YOU KNOW I LOVE YOU GIRL. Go see her pretty pics for a different look!

Gidge Is Wearing:
Skin: LEAGUE Luna and Milla in PALE for Lelutka Mesh Head
Hair: Truth – LOLA
Head: Lelutka – ARIA
Body: SLINK Physique
Eyes: Mayfly
Earrings: Yummy

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