Belleza’s Goddesses

Belleza has released three new bodies and I’m about to show them to you. I’m going to be naked for a while, so try not to lose your damn mind. But I know that being naked is as important to some of you as drawing air so I felt like it was important to really show off the new bodies in their full curvy glory. Are you ready? Here we go.

As you know a mesh body isn’t going to take over your shape but is going to shape itself along the curves of your shape. It is however, designed with it’s own LOOK – so as you can see Belleza has three different bodies out all three of which are varied versions of Gidge’s curves.  V3 is closes to what I consider “normal” Gidge – she’s not very curvy.  Freya is the curviest girl, and Isis is somewhere in between the two. I have to admit, I like Freya’s sexy.

I have seen some HUGE asses blogged in this shape – and that’s indicative of whether or not you started out with a huge ass. I did not have one to start with so I don’t have one even in Freya. I do have a really sexy round butt though – In naked form I really do love Freya.

For me the biggest test comes from whether they wear clothes well. I’m not going to be hanging my goodies out for you to fap to on a daily basis. So – HOW does she wear cap’n ?

I normally wear a small, but in fairness FREQUENTLY in this style of dress I have to go up to an M because of the boobs. this is true of this dress also. As you can see, on the left – the dress fits me find in Venus, maybe a tiny bit big but livable – might be able to do small. Freya though, that curvy girl cannot work a M in this item, she’s going to need a L. Isis also fits fine. One tiny bit of skin poking I can’t alpha in the boobs, not a tragedy to me I get this with all mesh bodies occasionally.

The goodies included with these bodies are:
– Venus (V3), Isis, and Freya Mesh Bodies
– Additional Breast Shape Options
– SlinkFit Option via HUD – Quickly adjust body to fit Slink Hands & Feet
– Wardrobe HUD System – Store, view and apply appliers
– Improved UVs for Body
– Updated Hands & Feet with SL UVS
– Full Material Support – Skin, Body Layers, Nipples and Nails
╚ includes Normal Map, Specular Map, Specular Color, Environment Integer, Glossiness Integer
– Added Security for Appliers – Notecard deletes after setup
– Mask/Blend Layers Options – Debugs transparencies to fix layer glitches
– Skin Color Picker – Tint Skin
– Skin Texture Refresh
– New Belleza Skin Textures (Exclusive to Belleza – Mesh Body)
– Improved Alpha Breaks – 128 TOTAL!
– Save Slots for Alpha
– Alpha Auto Hiding Capability
– Neck Sizing Options for Improved Neck Fit
– Optional Neck Blending Sheath for Better Neck Fit
– Choose the Layer for Appliers
– Clothing Layer Includes Alpha Breaks
– New Glove Layer for Tattoo, Underwear and Clothing
– Sock Layer for Tattoo, Underwear and Clothing
– Option to Clear All Body Layers
– Texture Refresh Options for Body Layers
– Additional Stiletto Pointed Nail Shape
– Remove Fingernail Option
– Save Slots for Fingernail and Toenail Polishes
– Fingernails and Toenails Separate
– Updated -Belleza- Mesh Body Slink Appliers

That’s a lot of stuff.

I will just add one quibble and this isn’t with Belleza it’s with ALL hud makers.  Everyone doesn’t have YOUR screen size. I love your amazing alpha breaks – it’s amazing. I cannot see them all. They are so small on my screen I can’t make them all out to even click them.  This is true, however, for about 90% of the huds for with lots of options – they are so small, the writing so tiny I can’t see what I’m doing. SLINK made a large size hud and I wanted to make out with her for it because literally same thing was true – I couldn’t SEE everything. Some people make huds for clothes, or skin appliers – and I have NO idea what I’m clicking. Is that lips or cleavage? NO IDEA.  Click click click.

Everybody needs to make a LARGE size hud. Some of us are 46 with transitions lenses and still can’t read the huds. Help us out.

I love that Belleza has come out with an improved HUD however, and so many more OPTIONS. Mesh bodies aren’t here to make us all “look alike” but rather to simply enhance the looks we love. These three new options give everyone more choices and I think this is great.

Happy Tuesday Everyone! Check out the new Belleza bodies, one might be the new you!


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