My Arcade Prep Time Has Begun

I am getting ready for The Arcade by romping around my house as a Snoob from BAIASTICE. The Snoob Avatars will be available in lots of different styles & coats and are pretty hilarious. They are perfect for just relaxing and enjoying the ocean breeze.

You can also leap right off of your coffee table with no ill effects. In fact, I bounced off of most of my furniture. I also went shopping. I can do ANYTHING!

These things crack me up.

Who knows how long I’m going to go around like this? Ok probably not long, but it’s cute!

Give us a kiss.

Gidge is Wearing:

Avatar: Baiastice_The SNOOB Collection-Champ-RARE

Baiastice_The SNOOB THE ARCADE JUNE 2015

Furniture: Cheeky Pea


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