Shooz Nooz: 21Shoe for MARCH – THERE IS STILL TIME

The awesome BUY ONE GET ONE FREE Event for shoes is in effect at all of these great mainstores! First up, House of Rain with two exclusive colors and then Livalle with a great wedge and some flip flops that are perfect for spring break!

Ys & YS and nCore bring something for your high heeled feet for lots of different brands, nearly everyone I counted. Perfect for us girls who like to be tall tall tall.

Sax Shepherd Design and Bliensen & Maitai are also out with great colors of classics – a lot of love especially with Sax’s HUD which is always a score.

You can find more info on the BLOG plus there is info on joining the IN WORLD GROUP for a free monthly giftee! 

21 Shoe Selection for March Avail at Mainstores

Body and Feet: SLINK
Shoes: YS & YS, House of Rain, Bliensen & Maitai, Livalle, Sax Shepherd Design, NCore

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