Shooz Nooz #5 : 21Shoe PREVIEW – Ingenue & Miamai

There is a great lineup at 21Shoe this month and I’ve got two previews for you today.

What’s 21Shoe? 21Shoe is a montly event held at each creator’s mainstore. They release two exclusive shoes that are for sale BOGO for 24 hours only. After the 24 hours POOF they’re gone. So if you fancy them, you gotta step up and go get them!

First up are some wicked dotted heels from Ingenue. These fit SLINK, Maitreya and Belleza in the HIGH foot shape. They are pretty wicked and personally I’d put them on my “must have” list.

Next up Miamai has released two stylized wedges called Notebook Wedges, and they are a perfect statement of upcycling. Don’t need your Trapper Keeper? Make them into shoes! Seriously I totally had a Trapper Keeper in that pink pattern. They’re trendy and fun shoes, and Miamai is the place for more cutting edge looks.  These tickle my fancy. They’re available for SLINK High foot.

Only 48 Hours until 21Shoe opens and you can get your hands on these and more gorgeous releases for your feets! Mark your calendar girls!

Gidge Is Wearing:
Miamai Folder Wedges avail for SLINK High foot
Ingenue: Marie Heels avail for SLINK High Foot, Belleza & Maitreya

Available on 1.21.2015 at 21Shoe – at each main store. Two pairs for one!

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