Alright seriously, I’m in the shower. You’re following me into the shower? Ok fine well enjoy the view, I’m strategically placing some bubbles so no views of my goodies for you.

Showering is one of the most peaceful moments in my life. I lived for my awesome shower in the master bath of my home, so peaceful, it’s own box of hot water and steamy good soapy smells. No kids bothering me, just the sound of the rushing water and the endless floating bubbles of scent.

Then the fucking thing broke. Broke as in needs replaced. So now I have to shower in the husband’s shower which is serviceable, but not MY shower. It does the job, but it’s simply not the same.

In SL I’ve got this shower from Cheeky Pea that’s pretty awesome, I just unpacked it and realized it’s the SL shower of my dreams, glass doors, steamy good water, vichy shower head and bubbles for modesty in case you lot pop in to bother me while I’m bathing. It’s perfect.

Now, leave me alone, I need a few minutes…to myself. ahem.

gidge is wearing:
Body: VENUS by Belleza
Skin: Mae by Belleza for TLC
Hair: Truth – Vivi
Shower: BREMEN by Cheeky Pea

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