ARCADE PREVIEW: Belleza #5 – Make It Your Own

The thing about skins is, none of us wants to look like the other one.  But for the awesome price of the ARCADE it’s hard to pass up a great skin like Emily. You can always opt to make some tweaks to the skin that make it more YOU, your signature look, than just the out of the box skin.  Three very small adjustments personalized this #5 version of Emily.

1. I wore the no eyebrow version and added my own tattoo layer brows from Soiree. A very different look from the brows included.

2. I always wear my beauty mark from PXL Creations. That’s Gidge these days. It’s a little thing but it makes me happy.

3. I added blush from cheLLe.  The original skin has a very subtle  blush which is gorgeous. BUT WHY BE SUBTLE ? 🙂

It’s a small change up to an already beautiful skin, that makes picking up a great priced skin personal and just a bit different than the herd. I love tweaking and making things a bit more Gidge.

What little add ons or changes do you like to make to a skin?

Gidge Is Wearing:
Skin: BELLEZA Emily 5 for THE ARCADE
Brows: Soiree – Vivianne
Hair: Argrace – Kanade
Blush: Chelle
Beauty Mark: PXL Creations
Eyes: Ikon
Lashes: Amacci

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