Belleza has released a new pretty face for this round of ARCADE and I’m going to start off my ARCADE PREVIEWS by showing you the RARES. Each skin comes with 5 brow options, a lip gloss, moles, and hair bases. I’m wearing them all with blondes but they work equally well with red or brown/black tones.  

The first, #1, is Emily in PALE tone.  The next, #2, is the medium tone.

The progression in depth of the first three still work on a very light blonde girl, she just looks like she’s been out in the sun. #3 is the sunkissed tone and is as dark as I think works with VERY light blondes.

I will be trying on the rest of them soon and some more fun hair colors to compliment, but these three are the rares. They’re gorgeous so you can see why.

I love to make my shopping list EARLY and pick out my MUST HAVE items. Do you? What are your MUST HAVE items from this next round? Tell me in the comments!

Here is your gacha key for Belleza for you earlybird planners.

Belleza Emily Gacha Key

Skins: Belleza – EMILY Rares
Hair: Nancy – Ploom
Eyes: Ikon – Periwinkle
Awesome: All Me

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