What to Do What to Do ?

There I was, sitting in my own house, trapped in the clothes I wore yesterday. Funny story, I cleared my cache. Funnier story, it won’t reload my inventory. Or, wouldn’t earlier. Perhaps SKYNET has changed it’s mind and will give me my things later today?  The one thing it WOULD give me, was my SLINK BECKY head, and the HUDS to the skin I already had on!

Let’s blog that!

SO Adam n Eve made a new skin that is also for the SLINK VISAGE head. I haven’t really spent a lot of time looking at how different a skin looks on me vs me in my head, and thought that might be interesting to look at.

Regular Gidge without the mesh head is a rounder face, and she wears tattoo layer lashes. This is regular Gidge on the left, and the mesh head BECKY from SLINK VISAGE on the right. I have always had trouble getting mesh lashes to render, it’s more of a statement about my machine than anything.

The skin is lovely on both, I am wearing a glossy look on my regular shape and the matte look on the SLINK head.  The shape of the SLINK head is definitely a more elegant, sleek look – more like you’d find on a model, vs. Gidge who is round faced and silly.

Both shapes are a lovely, soft look wearing this skin, SIMONE from Adam n Eve.


gidge Is Wearing:
Skin: Adam N Eve – Simone
Hair: Clawtooth – Mermaidy Lady – Snow – COLLABOR88 June 2014
Top and Pants: ISON – Ruffle Top and Rope Belt Chinos – Collabor88 JUNE 2014
Shoes: Bliens + Maitai – Scheherezade – for GENRE
Feet and Hands: SLINK
Sofa: Cheeky Pea
Bookcase: Barnesworth Anubis

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