Chasing Honour McMillan

Yesterday The Lab decided early AM was the perfect time for rolling restarts. I was sitting in my house, living my 2nd existence when I got a notice that I would be booted if I didn’t leave the sim in five minutes. My first thought was WHY IS GOGO RESTARTING THE SIM AT 7 AM? Alas, it wasn’t Gogo, she wasn’t online and then I realized it was The Lab.

I headed over to my studio, and got dressed, thinking I’d do a nice traditional shoot with a lovely casual release from ISON at Collabor88, except right about the time I’d gotten my wig on, again ROLLING RESTART IN MY REGION. Five minutes to move on. So, NOW WHERE?

I thought the look was breezy and fun, so I thought “I’ll look for a beach location.” Did you ever try to randomly look for a beach location to shoot? It’s like trying to find a virgin in a whorehouse.

I waded through three sexy times palaces and two that weren’t beaches AT ALL. I went back to search and looked through my list of offerings again. Pigeon Island. That one sounded promising and didn’t say “Sexxy Bikini Funtimes” so I FELT strongly that it might be a winner. Once I arrived, it was blobby and grey and ugh, THERE WERE PEOPLE THERE. Why must there always be people?

Regardless, my brain advised me I should consult Honour McMillan’s travel blog – she’d have the best places anyway.  Bloggers, if you don’t use Honour’s blog to scout shoot locations you are doing yourself a disservice. Regardless, what is the first place I see on her blog?

Pigeon Island.

A lake rather than a beach but that’s all fine and thus, I spent a fun morning swinging, avoiding the other humans, and having fun on this beautiful island. I did want to swat the person who kept making the swing SWING when I sat on it and was trying to take pictures.

My gorgeous shoes are from Bliensen + Maitai for Genre, and they’re perfect summer slip ons. They are made for SLINK flat feet.  All you girls always looking for FLAT feet shoes – VOILA.

And now, after so much running, Gidge is tired and is going to go lounge someone lovely.

Have a beautiful day, girls.

gidge Is Wearing:

Skin: Adam N Eve – Simone
Hair: Clawtooth – Mermaidy Lady – Snow – COLLABOR88 June 2014
Top and Pants: ISON – Ruffle Top and Rope Belt Chinos – Collabor88 JUNE 2014
Shoes: Bliens + Maitai – Scheherezade – for GENRE
Feet and Hands: SLINK


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