Why I Always Attend Fashion for Life

I was browsing my inventory this morning, searching for something to wear with my earrings from Bliesen + Maitai for FASHION FOR LIFE and was reminded, due to my lack of inventory maintenance, of how many years I’ve attended Fashion for Life. It’s not something that’s ever been top of mind, like COLLABOR88, Fifty Linden Friday, or The Arcade, where I feel a RUSH and desire to go. More like, it’s something I should go to as a member of our community to support the spirit of charity and helping support American Cancer Society.

I’m lucky, genetically. There is no cancer in my family. It doesn’t mean there won’t ever be, it just means I’m not predisposed. My genes are on file at Columbia, because of different family medical issues, and I know for a fact that I carry none of the KNOWN genetic markers for any type of cancer. 

I never had a lot of time or a lot of lindens to spend, but I like to choose items that are at least 75% donation or 100%. My donation is small, but all of our donations add up. If everyone just spent a little, it would make an amazing contribution to cancer research, which is important to all of us.

For me, cancer has chosen my friends rather than my family, to stalk.  It disfigures them, it robs them of their youth, it brings them unimaginable pain and suffering, it kills them before their time. I spectate, in horror, as people I love leave me because of this disease.

I hope you make some time to stop by at least one if not all of the Fashion for Life sims. There are items for all tastes and styles, and a brilliant passport game. You have the opportunity as a member of our community to contribute, even just a little, and be part of the spirit the organizers, creators and builders have put forth to show our solidarity for support of the victims as well as future research.

I chose this leggings and top from Moolala to go with the fun cow themed sandals from Erratic. I however forgot I already had on fancy earrings from Bliesen & Mai Tai.



Gidge is Wearing:
Top and Leggings: MooLaLa for Fashion for Life – 75% Donation Items
Shoes: Erratic – for The Arcade
Skin: Adam N Eve – Simone tone A (also avail for VISAGE MESH HEAD)
Hands and Feet: SLINK
Earrings: Bliensen & Maitai for Fashion for Life
Shadow Box – Pretense Projector Box 2


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