Here I Sit Broken Hearted

Ok no I am not finishing that little poem.

I do have a magical boat that lets me levitate, however. I’m fairly impressed by that. You should be too. Well, in fact, I’d adjusted my sit to show my shoes better then rethought that and forgot to adjust back. I figure, if I acknowledge it, then I no one can sweat me for it.  I always sort of wonder if people know they are floating, or that objects around them are floating when I see this. Time is the mind killer, we spend so much time doing this and that it’s easy to miss a little thing like levitation, amirite?

Baiastice has released adorable bikinis for COLLABOR88 and wouldn’t you know it the Truth hair is a lovely accent piece. It’s almost like it’s meant to be! (ok it is).

I’m out boating today with my oldest Kittycat, Snake Plisskin. He seems to be enjoying it. But who can tell, he mostly just chases and eats butterflies.

I’m also wearing the new skin release from Adam N Eve, Simone. It does come with appliers for SLINK Visage, and lots of lipstick options with that. I am wearing it on my regular shape though, for you non-mesh head wearer to see what a lovely skin this is.

I am going to head inside now, as I don’t want to get a burn! Have a great Tuesday!
Gidge Is Wearing:

Skin: Adam N Eve – Simone tone A (avail for SLINK Visage also)
Hair: Truth – Oceana – COLLABOR88
Bikini:Baiastice – COLLABOR88
Boat and Deck and Fishing Stuff: Convair – THE ARCADE
Hands and Feet: SLINK
Mani/Pedi: Flair

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