The Grind To The End

Getting to to the end of a goal can be a grind. It’s there in sight, but you have to keep going to make it happen.  You can’t let up or you won’t get  there, you have to keep making things happen and being on your game even though it’s so close, SO SO SO CLOSE.

That’s been my week. I had these photos done early Monday AM. I had them editted on Tuesday. But since then, I’ve been driving toward a goal and could barely think until it was done.

The exhaustion of having completed it is upon me, the relief, the feeling of overwhelming AAAAAAAAHHHHH and it shows by how befuddled I am this morning.

I just spent five minutes wondering why typing Cajsa’s name into Google didn’t allow me to send her a message.

After that, I spent another five in frustration that I could not log into my blog, Iheartsl. That’s the name of it? Right? Hhmmmm I heart SL…..wait no that’s wrong.

Yes, more coffee is required of this fashionista. It’s a muddy brained morning.

Let’s hope that I can now get my head back on straight after come much needed caffeine.

Much MUCH needed.

gidge is wearing:
Skin: League – Erin – Pale
Hair: Wasabi Pills – Michelle – Rye
Hands and Feet: SLINK
Manicure: FLAIR
Glasses: Yummy
Dress: DCNY – Spring Sash Dress – Peach
Shoes: Ingenue – Sophia Heels – COLLABOR88
Glasses: Yummy – Collabor88
Chair: Alouette – Bibliotec Chair

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