Let’s Go

I miss the days when I would get off work and come home and GET READY TO GO OUT. It was exciting, that my day was getting ready to get started at 6pm and the night was ahead. Makeup, hair and nails would be freshened up as we headed out into the adventure of the night.

Those were the days. Now mostly I just would like a nap.

Ah but in SL I don’t have to have energy. On days when this viewer is cooperating I can do anything! Anything except move that end table where It should go because that crashes my machine. LIVE WITH IT! I do.

Making Sure I Have A Butt

With my butt part of my body as it’s supposed to be, I’m ready to get dressed.

Now, what to wear?

Gidge Is Wearing:

Skin: Belleza – Ria 9
Hair: Truth – Betsy
Lingerie: Seldom Blue LOTTIE for FAB FREE
Eyes: Ikon
Lashes: Amacci
Dressing Table: LARK – Previous Collabor88

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(((Cajsa)))Send me instructions and I will move things where you want them.
Fudgei just need that damn side table moved out of the bed.
Fudgeand i can't get to the studio
Fudgei was naked when i TPd so that was funny

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