The Cordelia Home from Alouette

Alouette’s released a beautiful large cottage for the Home and Garden Show and I’ve been moved into it now for a couple of weeks. There are definitely some things to love about this house. 

The front doors open into a spacious living area. I am still not done tweaking this room but it’s very cozy without being crowded.

The space I’m using for a kitchen is gorgeous with huge windows looking out to the Juicy Sea.

It’s a beautiful spot for pixel Gidge to start or end her day.

One of my favorite little details is the wee closet in the kitchen. I’m using it for a broom closet.

The house comes appointed with a back door feature as well, I guess that’s for backdoor friends. 🙂

I am still appointing my bathroom but this room could also be used as a nice sized bedroom or study.

Upstairs there are two rooms, one I have completed as a second bedroom.

The other room is still open and ready for whatever I turn it into. It’s a very large room – about half the size of the house. I don’t even know what I’m going to do with it!

I’m always torn about new houses, on one hand I’m excited about what is new, on the other hand I’m always wondering if the new place will really be “home”.

I think this one will definitely be home for a while.

Some places just feel like home.

This house is available from the Alouette at the Home and Garden Show.


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