Nar Mattaru – The Full Review Including the Naughty Bits

I was intrigued by the look of the Nar Mattaru skins at SKIN FAIR during blogger preview so I requested a blogger pack I have to say I was impressed with everything she included in FREYA which is the Skin Fair exclusive – some of the looks are pictured above.

I’m wearing the ivory tone so yes I stayed in my lane. The lip glosses included are all rich deep tones, perfect for a goth girl or a pinup with dark tastes. These are included for this skin for the event. 

She carries SLINK, Phatazz, Tango appliers in her store to match her skins and her slink appliers are a combo hands/feet which is a deal at only 99L, plus it includes a french manicure. Nice touch! There are four brow options, black, brown, blonde and none. Sorry redheads! I chose to wear black – because I’m a bottle blonde so who cares? Plus I like the look today.

Freya has shading that doesn’t displease me, and I think the nipples look natural and young.  They are perfect for such a fair toned skin, to me.

I have to confess that I have very little opinion about vaginas in SL and I rarely look at my own. But, if you like  a wee bit of trimmed up bush,  here you go. I will leave it here for you to render opinions.

Nice ass, right? My initial thought was the shading under my butt cheeks looked to dark but then I realized I wouldn’t get the lovely round definition without it, so I’m going to call it fine with me.

I don’t see any seams or visible “what is that” on this skin. It’s really nicely made.

You can create a nice dreamy face with just the included eye makeup and no lipstick.

Or, you can add some outside lipstick for a more traditional – every day kind of look.

I slapped on Izzie’s lipgloss and voila, every day skin. Gorgeous and elegant, it’s a great pick up.

The other skin I’m showing you from Nar Mattaru today is Erys. Erys is not a Skin Fair exclusive and the makeups are sold separately normally, however she’s put out a special SKIN FAIR EDITION With all the makeups included. This is a very pale and innocent face that you can really take in different directions with makeup.

The left hand picture is straight out of the box. To the right are two different makeup options using moles, lashes, liptsick and blush. I find that the Nar Mattaru lashes are way too thin for my taste. I may have garish taste in lashes though, so that’s a just a note.

Using the base Erys skin and one of her lipsticks, I added blush from Chelle and Amacci’s eyelash tattoo layer. You see it’s a nice canvas to draw on – even if Barbie doll isn’t your medium of choice (ok yes it’s mine).

The body is lovely and seamless and again – this will be your vagina if you buy this skin. Once again, this is for those of you who are interested in the look of your girly bits.

I am not going to post the boobalahs of Erys because my machine decided to stop rebaking, and I don’t want to misrepresent them. But they are very similar and fair to those of Freya.

All in all I would say that I really do love Nar Mattaru’s skins, with Freya edging out Erys just slightly. I think if you like a very stylized elegant presentation to your face – you’re going to like this one. I recommend a demo ASAP!

Gidge Is Wearing:

Nar Mattaru Erys and Freya Skins

All Lingerie – LUXURIA

All Hair – PLOOM

Eyes: Ikon

Poses: Pretense

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  1. Paige Muircastle

    I had never heard of Nar Mattaru but now I plan to try out the Freya skin thanks to your excellent presentation!

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