The ARCADE IS COMING – Get Your Skin On

The Arcade is rolling into town on March 1 and it’s time to start showing you what some of the goodies that are going to be available are. One of my FAVORITE things The Arcade offers is AWESOME skins at a steal. Usually these pulls are 100L and well worth it.  I showing you the three rares in the first photo. The skins will also have a lip color option, and a freckles option, so if you’re a freckle girl you can definitely have them.

I thought I would also show off some of the darker tones that I might not normally wear. I know that they aren’t DARK but they’re dark to ME and definitely out of Gidge’s comfort zone.

These are just six of fifteen beautiful skins you’re going to be seeing a lot of in about 72 hours. The darkest tone is number 15, if you’re looking for a more deep tan.

MIMI will be available at the Arcade on March 1.

I’m also wearing Quiet Afterthought by EXILE in various hair colors, just for fun.

Now, who’s ready for THE ARCADE?



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