The Holiday Home Tour – I’ll Start With Me!

I spent the better part of a week hunting the new and the awesome to decorate my house for this Christmas season. I have to admit I’m a little sad that the Arcade didn’t open in time for me to add some of the lovely things I’ve seen that are coming but eh, I’ll get them in what- 3 weeks when you can get in? 🙂 Oh who am I kidding? I’ll totally get them at yardsales – tomorrow.

I am so excited about the holiday home tour. My mother and I used to always go to holiday home tours when I lived near her, it was a glimpse at a house I’d never have – kind of like day dreaming a little fantasy – and sharing it with your mom. But in SL we can all have whatever kind of house we want. I love to see how people express their holiday joy when they decorate. I hope you enjoy mine.

The living room is always the room I work on first as I consider it the room for entertaining and socializing. Plus it’s what you see first when you walk in the room.

Trompe Loeil has a really comfy holiday sofa and I combined it with some chairs from What Next, a pillow basket and coffee table from earlier releases of Trompe Loeil as well.

The Christmas tree is in the corner and window, and I was so excited to find these from LAQ – what a gorgeous tree. The pouf from Ma Vie for the ARCADE comes in a perfect holiday color.

I have to admit I’m cracking up right now at the fence through the window. Ok we’re going to say VANDALS did that! BAD VANDALS!

My dining table I picked up last year at Fameshed and it’s still a winner although Handverk no longer makes furniture so it’s  Vintage now. I paired it with the new fireplace from Barnesworth Anubis – it was only 50L yesterday I think maybe it still is!

Little decor touches are the winter trees from Second Spaces and the photo tree from Dysfunctional Designs.

Lok’s Low Prim has cute holiday plants out, and Geeks and Nerd’s Fair has these blocks from Floorplan.

I also picked up this whimsical furniture set from Lok’s Low Prim for my family room –  just something silly for winter, it’s cute and is actually LOADED with sits for singles or couples.

These are just a few of the holiday touches I’ve added to my house for the winter. I hope you come by and visit, feel free to take pictures or eat my food just stay out of my bedside table drawer.

One aside, this free item from LAQ Decor is one of my favorite decorations ever.

It was always a big deal for my mom to spend the money to buy the special little candles to make the angels spin. They gentle ring a bell as they fly by. I could sit and watch it forever and so when I saw it for free on MP – I had to have it.

It’s a happy real life Christmas memory that I was able to import into my SL, and that makes me smile.

You are welcome to pop into my house – come by any time 🙂 Take this ride.

If you would like to see more houses on the tour – contact Tymmerie Thorne ASAP. There will be different houses on the tour each weekend!



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