Shoetopia Is Still Going – And Look What You Can Get!

There is such a range at Shoetopia that if your avatar wears shoes of any sort, it’s likely you can pick up something that fits your style and look. First of all, I’m going to show you how Jackal of Lassitude and Ennui can rock a range of awesome from stiletto sandals for your SLink feet (above) to gorgeous boots for role play or less mainstream fashion – for your REGULAR feet! I kinda love these boots a lot.

She also has out some gorgeous clockwork inspired booties (or bootlets if you like) that are perfect for you tick tock types.

I’m wearing two different colors for fun, because I can.

Sax Sheperd also has out some lovely new pieces from stilettos with SSD’s amazing all encomposing hud to gorgeous retro flats, there’s a great range again for various appetites.

I’m a big fan of both of these brands, and recommend you get over to Shoetopia now that the lag has subsided and you can get around – these aren’t to be missed.

Plus it’s a great way to contribute to a great charity and get cute new shoes in the process.

HOW could that be bad?

No credits because good grief didn’t I just lay it all out for you above?


MUWAH! Go shopping!

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