The Magical Land of Shoetopia

The Magical Land of Shoetopia opened today, and in it you’ll find the gauntlet of shoe needs for every kind of SL you might want to have.

I donned a pair of the new SLINK HIGH heels and set off to run through all two sims of amazing shoes .

I felt certain that these sleek and gorgeous shoes would carry me through the event with ease. After all, they make me feel so girly and cute, how could it go wrong?

In fact, it was hard to even decide what to wear! But eventually I got dressed and made my way though each sim,  into each booth and through the gachas. It’s an amazing build, with nice walkways, a sensible path that allows you to go past everything easily – big circles and one intersecting hall on each sim. The gachas are in the center of each sim. But after so many hours on my feet hoarding shoes, I was beat.

I collapsed at home and pondered what to do with my exhausted self. I was shopped out! Is such a thing even possible for an SL blogger?Ah but it is.

I’ve decided to curl up with a couple of new books and just take a load off. But my shoes – do I HAVE to take them off?

Surely not.

The new SLINK HIGH heels and HIGH HEEL FEET are available at Shoetopia. They’re the next great thing in SLINK shoes.

Style Notes:

Skin: Tuli – Helena PEARL
Hair: Wasabi Pills – Rene – Rye
Lingerie: Luxuria – Amalie
Hands: SLINK
Shoes: SLINK – Priscilla in Ruby for SHOETOPIA
Vanity: Trompe Loeil

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