Colors bleeding everywhere

Oubliette at noon

I ponder that I am such a recluse in SL because the second I want to be somewhere, RL happens. For example, I would’ve really wanted to be at Squinternet’s gathering this morning at 9 SLT in order to listen to my friends talk about her, and honor her memory. Instead, I was driving my kid between violin and ballet, yep, the normal Saturday routine. It made me wonder how many SLers feel my pain — I suspect that many of us take up SL because it slides neatly around all of our other commitments. Health issues; work all day (at home or elsewhere); look after children/a child at night; head into SL to decompress…

Speaking of which, this pink jacket (fashionably Dead at C88) absolutely makes me decompress. It was brighter than the leaves of Oubliette, which is pretty amazing, considering. I’m still camped out in the sim, soaking in its beautiful glow. There’s a rumor that the sim might be looking to lease to few good vendors or residents — if you find the sim as lovely as I do and are looking for a place to call home (or sell your work), contact Elizabeth Tinsley in-world via notecard.

More photos and credits behind the cut. Also, look how cute Gidge looks in these stretchy pants!

This jacket is green if you look away from it (1)

Oubliette at dawn

This jacket is green if you look away from it (2)

Coat: fashionably Dead Blazer in Pink for C88
Skin: Belleza Leila pale 1 for C88
Pants: Milk Motion Boyfriend Jeans in dark blue
Undershirt: Nylon Outfitters Openback Lace Tee in black
Necklace: Honey Kitty pretzel necklace
Eyes: The Stringer Mausoleum Catscratch Eyes in Code Red
Shoes: Ingenue Paola Flats in chocolate
Lashes: Schadenfreude Heavy Lashes
Feets & Hands: Slink natural bare feet/relaxed hands
Hair: Lamb Cherry in Red Lobster Buffet
Makeup: Mock Liz Shadow in Seeing Red, Mock El Salva Lip Gel

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