I speak for the trees

Saiygewood (3)

I feel a bit like the Lorax today. One of my favorite sim-builders and tree-makers is contemplating closing up her in-world (extremely beautiful) sim after October, and the idea of it hurts my heart. I’m walking in some of her woods here (you can buy it as a nice big low-prim chunk) — the woods are called Saiygewood, and they are sold at Balderdash on Oubliette.

Nature, oddly enough, is what drew me to Second Life. I started an account with a vision in my head — I wanted most to recreate the mental place that I go to while I meditate. It’s an outside space surrounded by trees; an ancient stone circle under the clear sky. I’ve created this once or twice in various Second Life abodes, and each time, I’ve used Saiyge’s trees to give life to my dream.

I’m going to be living in Balderdash on and on for the next few weeks just to soak up the lovely ambience before it fades. I feel like an Elf in Rivendell right before the end of the fourth age. If you want me, I’ll be walking in the trees.

Saiygewood (2)

Balderdash – Saiygewood – The Dreaming Forest
Poses: Marukin – Autumn – C88
Boots: League Lauren Wedge Boots in Tan – C88
Skin: Belleza Leila Pale 1 – C88
Glasses: Hate Me and Eat Me – My shades – gold
Skirt: tres blah leather skirt – gold – C88
Neckbow: Lassitude & Ennui Ophelia Bow & pearl choker
Shirt: Plastik The Clockwork Collection Kalina top
Hair: Lamb – Isolation – Honeycomb Roots
Tattoo: Wicked Tattoos – Checkered tattoo
Hands: Slink hands in relax
Socks: Vintage from Shiny Things

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