Why are my knees dirty, you ask

Forest Feast (2)

This morning, my old friend Siddean was kind enough to hold my hand and talk me through putting on her feet. “There are no appliers for Miasnow’s zombie-grey skintone,” I whined, but then I remembered that Helena Stringer has half-promised to work on appliers for us alternaskinned folk. Some day! But meanwhile, I put on the Belleza Arcade skin, and found that the Slink appliers had their own little sign in the Belleza shop. It was far too easy, one little click. Sorry I’ve avoided you for so long, pretty Slink feet! (I blame the fact that I wear Jackal’s boots all the time.)

With my feet on (and a pair of Betty’s Paola flats), I went for a late-summer stroll through Forest Feast. It’s flat-out gorgeous there, and I realized that I’d never seen it properly rezzed before. I’m wearing Katat0nik’s coat and scarf for the upcoming Collabor88 release (It’ll be out soon!). It’s such cute Autumnal coat that I long for late December, when it’s actually a little cold in Florida.

Oh — those dirty knees.  Well. I figure my avatar was probably kneeling in the dirt at Forest Feast curiously examining her new feet.

More pretty Forest Feast and outfit credits behind the cut!

Forest Feast (1)

Forest Feast (4)

Forest Feast (3)

Forest Feast (5)

Forest Feast (6)

Bag: Atelier aM basket bag with feather
Knee irt: Miss Shippe’s Studio – digging in the dirt
Skin: Belleza – Leila Arcade 1 RARE – Arcade
Ears: Half Deer Velven Bunny Ears (lightheart) – Arcade
Jacket: Katat0nik Apple Jacket in orange for Collabor88
Scarf: Katat0nik Apple Scarf in brown for Collabor88
Hair: Calico Ingmann Creations Clara in naturals pack
Makeup: Coral blush for gingers with freckles by Miss Shippe’s Studio
Shoes: Ingenue Paola Flats for slink feet in copper
Lashes: Schadenfreude Heavy Lashes on the tat llayer
Feet and hands: Slink
Sim: Forest Feast

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