A zig of braids

New hair from Calico

Calico Ingmann just created this lovely hair, Clara. When I saw it, I scratched my head, because I was certain I saw the inspiration for this somewhere… and then I fell down the rabbit hole of Pinterest boards about braids and suddenly it was 1 am. At any rate, I adore it, and want the skill in real life to braid like this. (And like these.) Go check out her shop, here.

I am wearing it with new little pastel wings that Allegory created for today’s FLF. They aren’t just pastel, but come with a monochrome hud as well for one’s more somber chibi wing needs. The rest of my stuff is from Arcade, of course. But the ultimate point is: FLF means it’s Friday! Soon we shall be sleeping in and drinking coffee in bed!

I also went poking around the sim of Azuchi yesterday. It is home of AMM designs (I think that’s the name), a retailer of Japanese home and garden goods. The sim is carefully designed — a great Daimyo’s castle set up on a hill, with the rest of the little medieval Japanese town spread below it, down to a tree-lined coast. The sim has many little nooks for exploration and relaxation, including this very pretty bower by the sea.

Behind the cut are more photos of my outfit, and a few more of Azuchi.

Azuchi (3)


Azuchi (2)

Azuchi (1)

Wacky Arcade angle

Arcade stuff

Vest: Schadenfreude Seafoam Deep V vest (not this week’s FLF, but this week’s tweed and plaid are awesome)
Wings: Schadenfreude Mannequiel Wings (indeed this week’s FLF)
Purse: Milk Motion unicorn bag in grey – Arcade
Cat ears: AUX Gacha Purrrfect Headband in pink – Arcade
Shoes: fashionably Dead Platform Cuties in lilac & pink – Arcade
Necklace: Katat0nik (rose bunny) radio necklace – Arcade
Skin: Belleza – Leila Arcade 1 RARE – Arcade
Hair: Calico Ingmann Creations Clara in Naturals, brand new at her shop!
Tattoo: Zentro Floral Tattoo
Jeans: Milk Motion boyfriend jeans in dark blue patched
Lashes: Schadenfreude Heavy Lash tattoo

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