A philosophical walk in a crowded park

Tempura (1)

Today I was hunting a particular season and went to the sim of Tempura to find it. Little did I know that this sim actually has PEOPLE in it — people who are there to MEET OTHER PEOPLE and TALK and stuff! It was shocking.

The sim itself is very pretty. It has a beautiful covered bridge with two levels, spanning various bits of Autumnal wilderness. There are places to sit and chat, and…did I mention the insane numbers of OTHER AVATARS? You will probably sense by now that I never, ever get out. I really don’t. So while I was standing around, someone messaged me a pleasant hello.

“OMG –” I messaged a friend. “What do I do when someone I don’t know says hi to me?!”

“You say hello back, idiot,” the friend said, so I did, and fell into a very pleasant conversation with a decent, interesting lady.

This lady made a fabulous point during our conversation. “People blog about skins, but if they don’t blog their shape, then how will people know how to get that exact look?” she said.

Fair enough! Some excellent bloggers actually do blog about their shapes as well as skins, and that’s the best way to get a particular look. But as for me, I can’t even remember where I bought my first shape, and along the way it’s been modded so that it’s completely different anyway. Much like real life, it feels like an organic aging process for my avatar… but it’s kind of impossible to track.

Anyway. What do you guys think? Should people blog more about their shapes if they’re talking about a particular skin?

Tempura (2)

Outfit: fashionably Dead floral frock with tie – cream
Eyes: Curious Kitties sparkle penguine eyes
Skin: Pink Fuel Harley (opaline)
Hair: Magika Rewind in pastel
Hands: Slink mesh hands in relax
Camera: Tee*fy toy cam-Mera bag in lavender
Horns: Schadenfreude Kinder Horns
Bracelet: Miel ahi bracelet

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4 thoughts on “A philosophical walk in a crowded park

  1. Gala Caproni

    My shape was never bought… this is the shape i got when i rezzed in… i’ve modded it over the years. I’m not going to post my “numbers” and i really don’t want anyone to have my “exact” look…. so no, i won’t blog my shape unless i’m blogging a shape….

  2. Achariya Post author

    I totally comprehend! Everything else in SL can be bought except for this magic slider combination, so why not keep it private?

  3. caoimhe lionheart

    I think you hit it on the head in your blog. Skins are a dime a dozen, your shape is like nurturing a fine bottle of wine. You care for, prune and tweak along the way, its a journey every resident should have to travel to learn about themselves, because taking someone elses shape is easy, learning your own, well, thats a road worth travelling. Just my wooden nickle 😉

  4. achariya

    @caoimhe — I agree (and then mesh comes along and makes all that irrelevant lol). But yeah, face structure is one of the few unique things in SL. It’s interesting to me, I’ve never really wanted to look like other avatars, so I never look for shape information… If I like a skin, I try it on and see if it works.

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