A gentle countryside full of unexpectedly sentient rodents

Isle of Myrth (5)

I was always enchanted by the strangely magical realist tales of Beatrix Potter, but my daughter had no time for them. “Can you read me this thing about Tinker Bell and these other fairies and their talents instead?” Oy vey, this is what parenting in Orlando is like.  But I was overjoyed to find this lovely sim in the Destination Guide. In the words of the people who own the Noble Storybook sim (Isle of Myrth):

This island was born out of a love and passion for those who tell stories and tales. [Some] of the most known tales of several generations are the Tale of Peter Rabbit and many more, written by Beatrix Potter. Not only was she a a marvelous storyteller and artist, but [she was] also a woman who was more progressive then many of her time.

. . . We tried to create the atmosphere of where she lived, where she wrote, where she created and where many of her tales were situated. You will find her small cottage on the island, the lake, the forest where Peter Rabbit and his siblings adventures took place, and many more figures from Beatrix’s stories.

It’s truly lovely there. Here is the SLURL to the sim! A few more pictures (including one of the lovely Weather or Not? spiral umbrella from Genre) are behind the cut.

Isle of Myrth (4)

Isle of Myrth (2)

And a parasol too

Isle of Myrth (3)

Eyes: NP Lunar eyes in gold
Skirt: fashionably Dead long tweed skirt in green
Umbrella: Weather or Not? Spiral Parasol in silver
Face tat: fashionably Dead russia tattoo
Shoes: Milk Motion my wood sandals with socks
Sweater: Milk Motion My little cashmere
Cape: Milk Motion My little cape
Wolf hoodie: DP**yumyum
Skin: Pink Fuel Alyx in peach – sultry

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