Exploring the Realm of Terra, Novus City

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I’ve never roleplayed in Second Life, which is ridiculous. There are so many fabulous places to go and do it, and so many dedicated and creative groups, that it’s shockingly remiss of me. This one is the Realm of Terra, Novus City. I went because it shows up in the destination guide, and was immediately lured by the interesting mix of stuff going on in the prettily-built city. It seems to have a bit of everything. According to the website

This is a supernatural sim based in a modern / steampunk theme that takes place in the aftermath of an apocalyptic world brought on by the wars of humanity and its supernatural races. In this world, the city of Novus is just starting to spring back from a great depression…

You can roleplay lots of different types of creatures, and it’s kind of fascinating to me to think of Fae from Celtic mythos coexisting with werewolves and vampires. According to the website, the city needs more humans. (For what, fresh meat?) Check it out at the destination guide here. More photos and credits behind the cut.

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Shorts: DE Dark Wedding Ladies’ shorts
Corset: Plastik Veritas Top in Flamenco
Tattoo: Wicked Tattoo Mystic in light ink
Piercing: Wicked Tattoos Starlette’s facial piercings
Hair: Lamb Falling in Obsidian
Horns: Illusions Runed Horns in Aries
Skin: Plastik Astrali Skin
Eyes: Plastik Haunt Collection – shething
Jewelry: Lassitude & Ennui Lion’s Paw Torque set
Boots: Sweet Poison Sinatra Boots in purple

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5 thoughts on “Exploring the Realm of Terra, Novus City

  1. Lepo

    sadly the admins there are quite unstable, the rp community is composed of cliques and it is hard that they even let you rp with them at all. While the build is gorgeous the sim owners are new and inexperienced and it spreads easy. People bend the lore and rules to fit their own needs and though it seems fun… people are leaving it because there is really no tension or anything for you to do, in or out of the sim.

  2. Achariya Post author

    It’s fascinating to hear about the inner workings of an RP. I feel like they’re almost always cliquish, and the stories are really vehicles for a few. It’s very sad that the GMs don’t listen to complaints and work it out, after all the time they spent building!

  3. Nadialaska

    I joined the sim for almost a month, I used to rp long ago, and decided to take part on the hobby again after a long well deserved break. I have to admit the sim itself is very pretty and that is what caught my eye, being on destinations I had to give it a try, and since I’m a love of fashion and skins, the windlight is a bonus for sure making sure those “bumps” don’t show so much on the face.

    Atmosphere wise, It gives that feel of being in a depression, the aurora is an amazing idea and so is the lore. The cathedral is one of my favorite places and the most symbolic of all.

    However I’m glad I’m not the only one who is feeling a little fustrated that most people seem to spend time in their rentals than rping in the streets. I know it’s soon to judge but I am also having a little issue in the rp finding sector.

    It’s hard to build stories in rp always, and people of course prefer to rp with their friends. I’m not sure what Lepo means by “unstable admins” but I have seen faction and race leaders come and go a lot lately. Just the other day their GM and some other admin stepped down and now they are requesting new ones. I heard rumors of some kind of drama with the leaders and the gms, so maybe that is causing such a flux?

    It’s hard to find out what is going on, but there are rumors of all kinds. Some players even seem not to care for the owners too much even daring to insult them in ooc chat when they are gone apparently. In any case there is much going on behind the scenes, and it feels like there is much displeasure among some players which I find sad because I think the sim is a wonderful enviroment and the races, lore are well thought of.

    Anyways, I’m a great fan of the blog, I was just surprised to be browsing about and seeing the sim I rp in, and Lepo’s comment. Keep writing Archa

  4. Achariya Post author

    I wonder if the mods will see this post and listen? Seems like everyone needs a story arc, or more attention, or more sim-wide events that require everyone to play. Is there a forum for players to express these concerns?

  5. Fanbridge

    Eh I wasn’t too impressed… their events are dragged out and long… and there is a lot of traffic but nothing really is happening. The stable rpers rp with each other, the newer ones just come and go.. so you can’t really form a story.

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