A tourist in Syrinx

Syrinx (3)

I went wandering again last night. While my husband read to my newly-returned kid, I went poking around Roleplay sims. A few of them in the destination guide lead to busted links (including one to some Bloodlines sims, I guess they’re momentarily down?). But one of them led to Syrinx, “a rustic Viking sim dedicated to providing an authentic Viking Village experience.”

Some people live here, which is neat, although it was empty when I went last night. Maybe they were all out picking up some rustic Viking outfits from the 1920s at Collabor88? I quite enjoyed finding the little nooks and crannies built into the sim. I like the phallic standing stones inscribed with runes, and the serious-looking deer lingering around the monuments. I liked the totally anachronistic pirate ship and cave on one side of the sim (I dunno, it’s SL), and I also adored the tiny rocky islands thick with evergreens.

My other favorite part was the blacksmith area, which also had a bear hyde tanning neatly beneath a few hungry-looking birds.

Go check out Syrinx! My avatar (with camera ready) is below in her new Katat0nik jumper, and a few more pictures of the sim are behind the cut.

Tourist in Syrnix

Syrinx (1)

Syrinx (2)

Horns: aisling Marangki in bones (Fantasy Gatcha Festival)
Arm tattoo: Wicked Tattoos: Rose Tattoo
Thigh tattoo: ~silentsparrow~ dagger heart thigh tattoo (ashes)
Outfit: Katat0nik Dandita Romper in tan/pink
Eyes: Plastik Vaelian Collection Beam
Skin: FLF Eren Skin – Astrali Skin / Eren
Camera: Tee*fy vintage brownie camera in whitepink

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