Golden earrings and purple skin

Fantasy Gatcha Fair outfit

O hello! This is a quick post because I’m about to go fetch my lovely daughter from the airport, where she’s been with her grandpa all week. You’d think it would be relaxing, and it was, except for the deep existential angst I felt because I had no externally-imposed raison d’etre. Kind of like a harbinger of empty nest syndrome, but I hope to god that by then I’ll have my life neatly planned out for me. Travel, travel, hmmmm…yes, I think I’ll travel s’more.

I’m wearing more things that I got from the Fantasy Gatcha Fair. Who needs Collabor88 damnit?! OK fine, I love Collabor88, but the sim sure is popular on opening day… And then I’m struck by the irony of having 100k items in my inventory and NEEDING to shop. Oy. I hope your weekends are lovely!

Makeup: OAL B&O Owl Face Henna (Fantasy Gatcha Fair)
Shorts: Aphorism hotpants in rust (Fantasy Gatcha Fair)
Arm and hand guards: CD season of the witch (Fantasy Gatcha Fair)
Earrings: Hate Me and Eat Me Flippa earrings in gold and violet
Choker: BP MoonSpell choker (Fantasy Gatcha Fair)
Hair: Wasabi Pills Tanya mesh hair in crystal violet
Skin and ears: Plastik Elven Skin – Ylara – Astrali skin basic
Eyes: Plastik Frozen Soul Lotus eyes
Shirt: Plastik Ariella top / pious

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